Monday, October 6, 2008

I can't tell you that how excited I was to see everyone at the reunion. It was packed, everyone seemed to be there which was awesome for the Parkinsons first reunion. Some of these guys I haven't seen since they left the mission. So here's some updates and fun stories. Mike Thatcher isn't a millionare yet but he's on his way with his new business he's made with his brother. I haven't talked to him since last reunion even though he lives in Taylorsville. In fact the first time he called and I texted him was at the reunion as we talked to each other on our cell phones from across the room, yes it was that crowded and it was funny. Then there's Kim Reed. I haven't seen her since she left New Jersey to sunny California which was about two years ago so lets just say it was exciting to see her. Kim's the most amazing girl, gorgeous actress and talented opera singer, but more than that she was a great missionary and a fantastic friend. I can't tell you how much fun a had with her and how much I needed her at that time in my mission.

Caressa Alexander is another one of those that I haven't seen since I left Jersey. She is the cutest little missionary I know, literally. She is about 5 feet tall but she has the heart of a giant. When I got to Sparta she was only a month out in the mission but I learned so much from her. She is a few years older then me and so has done a whole lot more like travel to Europe, which is why we decided to be travel buddies. Then there's my baby girl Neeka Matuauto. I see her more than any of my companions but I can't help it I love this girl. She was a handful to train but honestly she trained me. I got to take her to my mission birth place, Bayonne, which is ironic because she is so much like my trainer Heidi (Whimpey) Kholer. Both of them were on fire in this area because of their ability to relate to the ghetto people. The people loved them and this opened their heart to the gospel. Bayonne would not be the branch that it is today without these to amazing missionaries.

Last but not lease is my Hermana Austin. Now I never served with her, or lived with her, in fact I don't even think we served in the same area, but she is one of those girls that I can't help loving. I mean look at her she's gorgeous. However the greatest highlight of the reunion was seeing President and Sister Parkinson. They were my parents in New Jersey and I owe a lot of my mission to them. I value their opinion like my owe parents and I learned so much from them. Their love and support continues to help me.