Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My life in a nutshell

Many of you have been harboring me about updating updating my blog and adding pictures but here's the thing my life is not that interesting. Honestly nothing exciting is going on right now, if fact it's enough that I am making it from one bad day to the other right now. I'm not trying to be negative it's just that right now things aren't going well. For example: I recently found out that my ex is now engaged to another and I haven't been on a date in 4 months, I got a D on one of my art history papers which was a first for me in all my schooling and the real highlight this week is I got sick. But even on the good weeks when things are normal my life is consumed by working fulltime and going to school. It seems like I don't have time for anything exciting to report, however there are those "little things" in my life that can sometimes be overlooked in the overhanging clouds of gloom that seem to pull me down. Like the new pez dispenser of tinkerbell that my mom bought me for christmas that I saw it at the house so she gave it to me early, this little toy makes me smile and remember the good times. Or there's the flowers that my dad bought me after he heard about Aaron's proposal to let me know that I was still beautiful and loved by someone. Then there's the sunset that I saw after my dad gave me a blessing because I was sick. This was the greatest of all! I know God is with me and is aware of my pain, however it's hard to feel these days so it's in these "little things" that I can find Him and gain the hope that I am lacking. So forgive me friends for not having any up dates, fun stories or exciting pictures but betters days are coming. . . or at least they better be.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Get mark . . . get set . . . go!

Two ladies that I work with decided to race in a trianthlon next year and somehow they convinced me to do it too. I don't know what I'm thinking I haven't been swimming for at least 8 years and I haven't been a a bike for longer than that and here I am getting ready for a race that has me swimming for about 700 meters, then biking for 6 miles, and running for 3 miles after that. No kidding I am going to die! . . . but I'm excited. Heaven know that I need to lose the weight so the training alone will be worth the effort. And trust me it's only been a week into the training and already my body is screaming at me, so we'll see if I can make it. I really want to do this though, it's nice to have a goal for myself to focus on. It would be an amazing accomplishment to add to my already amazing life. . . and it's something that Aaron never would have expect me to do or think that I could do. Don't get me wrong this is my goal and it's not about him but it's nice to think that I am not the person he judged me to be. He judged me as an inactive, nonadventurous type and that hindered me from doing new things or growing as a person. So it's nice to be free to try new things and expain my horizon . . . even if it kills me, but then don't they say that what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. Perhaps they didn't train and run in a trianthlon. :) All the same here we go, wish me luck.