Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Painting

So remember the painting that my parents wanted well I started a painting before Christmas thinking I'll paint them something new to distract them from this "Leaves" one they want. I even told myself "Sam DO NOT get attached to this painting, you ARE giving it to your parents!" Well have way through the work I knew I wasn't going to give it to them. I thought "CRAP, I just spent three hours on a gift for myself. Christmas is in four days what am I going to give them now!" Again I only used the palette knife to get the texture in this new work. I getting really into the texture and clearly I'm not affraid of color at the moment. So after finishing the blues and greens I thought maybe if I touch it with white maybe I'll wreck it and won't want to keep it anymore. NOPE! I loved it. It came to look like snow falling in a dark blue night and it matched the other painting so well, now following a seasons theme that I didn't mean to create that I knew I need to keep them together and couldn't give them to my parents. Needless to say they disowned me. But can you blame me?! They're beautiful right?

Now serious question what do I title them? (Che' you were always so much better at this than I was please help) Both remind me of impressionism like Van Gogh's work (no where as good as him but impressionistic all the same). A co-worker asked about the blue piece before I told her anything about it if it was "Starry Night". So that got me thinking that I should call the piece "Snowy Night" and the other "Autumn Impressions" from a letter that he wrote to his brother Theodore about one of his paintings. What do you think? Is that too cliche'? I wasn't thinking about Van Gogh's work when I painted these at all but he is one of my favorite artists. If I didn't title them that way I would just call them "Snow" and "Leaves". So please help me and let me know you opinion on the work and titles. Thanks all!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Great Art History Blog

Thanks to my friend Nik I've been reading this Art History Blog that I've really been enjoying now that I'm not in school anymore. I'm such an Art History junkie and these discussions are just the fix I've been craving. So if you're interested check it out, I really do recommend it.

Thanks again Nik for introducing me to Monica's Blog.