Friday, November 28, 2008

Run with an Attitude of Gratitude!!!

Everyone has a wish list of things that they want to do with their time here on earth. My list consists of things like going to Europe, trying out for the "Mo-tab", reading all the classical books on my European book list, learning a different language, etc. For my birthday this year my friends at work entered me in a 5K race. I took it as an encouraging complement for my desire to get into better shape, because one of my things on that list is running in a marathon. I've worked at many races across the country timing races and always wanted to run in one myself, but it was one of those dreams that you always think about but always find enough excuses not to go and do. Having someone sign you up, pay for everything and do it with you was the best gift I'd been given in a long time. The race was on Thanksgiving at the Draper "Utah Human Race" where there were more than a thousand runners who donated more that $10,000 to charities like the Utah Food Bank and others. For me the race was a mile stone in my life that I was just grateful that I was able to finish. My goal was to jog/walk (I'm not that fit yet) the 3 miles in under a hour. Despite the cold wet weather I finished in 45 minutes making my goal and finishing a mile stone for my life. My new goal is to continue running in 5K's to help me build to bigger races like 10K's and maybe someday a half marathon they have in Disney land one of these years. Either way this thanksgiving I came to feel extremely grateful for my body (curves and all) and the life that Heavenly Father has given me. I've found that life is for living and that our wish lists are possible if we just believe in ourselves and go for it. We make our lives what we want them to be so why not make the most of it!!!

Here we are at the end: (Left to right) Heather, Me, Peggy, Melissa, and Alisha.

No this isn't my new boyfriend. I wish the boy is fine!!!
Can you believe he ran the race this way, he had to be cold.