Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My First Christmas Tree

My sister and I saw this 6' pre-lit Christmas Tree from Target for $50 when we went shopping on Black Friday around 10am (we're not early risers even on big shopping days) and ended up paying $25 for it because of the sale. . . which was a great steal of a deal until we realized that I grabbed the multicolored lighted tree instead of the white lighted tree that I wanted. So you'll call me crazy but we decided to buy a string of white lights and spent 2 hours exchanging the colored bulbs we didn't want with the white bulbs, leaving only the red, green and yellow lights to match the red, gold and brown ornaments and ribbons that we got to decorate the tree with. My fingers started to hurt after the first hour and the white lights were a little smaller than the multicolored bulbs and so we had to tape those in . . . but you know how if one light goes out they all go out . . . needless to say this started to become a nightmare of a project. But once I got the lights the way I wanted them and finished decorating the tree with the red and gold ribbons, christmas balls and brown glittered stars I knew that this gorgeous tree was worth the pain and trouble. The artistic and homemaker side of me was in heaven and I'm really proud of my first christmas tree. So what do you think? Was it worth all that work?