Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Conundrum

So my sister Jesi has let me know that she does not want to live in this aparment anymore and that at the end of our contract this June/July we are going to move to a new apartment. That's not the real problem, the real conundrum is that the place that she has found and fallen in love with is a little expensive. My finances as they are a little tight between my new car, insurance (health and car) and school. It's a three bedroom apartment for $1045 a month, in which she could get the master bedroom and master bathroom, our friend Stephanie from parents ward would get the garage to park her car, leaving me with my own room (same size as Steph) sharing the 2nd bathroom with Steph. I'm the only one to not get any extra or special which is fine if I pay less rent then the others. Isn't that how it should go?

Everyone I've talked to said that the one with the master bedroom should pay $50 more and I don't know what the garage would be worth, but Jesi feels that because we are friends and family they shouldn't be charged as much for the extra perks as everyone says they should. So she took $30 off my third of the potential rent making my total $319 and both of them $364 a month. That's less than I'm paying now which is nice but with the extra utilities even being spilt by three I'm worried that things are still going to be tight. I don't want to live pay check to pay check like she does. I want to put money into savings every month so that I can travel if I want (I've been craving New York pretty bad) or be able to go to a concert or buy that pair of shoes without having to worry about paying my bills.

I don't know maybe I'm just overthinking this? I mean it is really nice apartment and the rent she's offering is less than what I pay now. I don't know it just makes me a little nervious. I'm going to go see a 3 bedroom apartment tomorrow for only $899 a month, maybe if I see how bad the $900 apartments are I'll feel more comfortable living in this $1000 one. Or perhaps the $900 one will be just as good and I'll see the other one is too much. The problem really depends on that and if Jesi likes it cause I want her to be happy too, it's just that she's picky and she has the money to be because she's not in school and so she can work more.

If I decide I don't like the apartment she does I'm not sure whats going to happen. We might have to split ways and I might have to move back home cause I can't afford to live by myself. That wouldn't be too bad, I really like my family but I'm 25 and I've been out on my own for almost 7 years between living at Snow college, my mission and these two years living with my sister.

Wow that felt good to get off my chest! So what do you think? I know it will all turn out okay but I want things to be fair and I really want to be comfortable financially.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Death by Italian

I've decided that my italian class this semester may be the actual death of me this time. I have a new professoressa who is more strict about the compiti e esame (homework and tests). I don't think that I am failing but I am pretty sure that I am not getting that B range grade that I have been able to pull off these past two years. Two years of this language and I am still struggling. . . ma va va (oh come on!) I met some return missionaries at my cousin homecoming this week who just returned from their missions in Italy. It was fun to talk in Italian with them, what little I could understand and speak, but it made me think that maybe I shouldn't have prayed so hard to be an english speaking missionary cause I could really use the gift of tongues right now. Especially when I found out that I have to have a B grade for grad school. Here I am a senior and ready to take the passing C grade just to be done with it when I find out about the grad school thing . . . again I say ma va va.

But don't worry I'm not going to die without a fight. I'll give it all I've got and then some. So wish me luck or at least say a prayer for me. Perche io bisogno di lo. (Because I need it.)