Friday, April 16, 2010

Mission Memories

A friend came over tonight and some how we started talking about my mission. So naturally I rambled on about this story and that, only this time for some reasons I decided to show her all my pictures and videos. Making this short conversation about how I got kissed on the mission to a whole nights worth of story telling down memory lane. Here are some of the funny pictures that really only my family has seen.

My first winter and Christmas my mother sent me the traditional Christmas PJs only she must have been worried that I was freezing in the new england winter because she sent me these footy pajamas. I didn't think they made footy pjs for 21 year olds but I learn new things everyday.

Keeping my hair straight in New Jersey's humidity was a challenge, especially when it down right poured rain. This picture was taken one rainy PD at Target. I didn't want to get my hair wet making it curly so I improvised.

Then there were the days that were so hot that my shoes literally melted into the tar road. That's New Jersey for you.

New Jersey is sometimes pretty ghetto, but I love it. Like this beautiful garden with it's plastic fork border. They also would take fake flowers from the store and plant them in the ground.

But overall I found New Jersey to be beautiful. I loved my mission and I treasure these memories with all my heart.


Vivian said...

Trips down memory lane are usually fun, but this looks EXCEPTIONALLY fun! Audrey has footsy jammas too, but my mom made them...

Lena said...

Sami, I totally have your wand. You lent it to me like, years ago, and I just realized I still had it. I will get it back to you. Great pictures. I only got to see the ones that you sent in your emails.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing the pics! you should've had your mom send me one of those sleepers-- i know all about new england winters!! looks like you had a great mish ;-) xoxo

elise said...

Sami, I just discovered your blog through Jesi's today and I'm seriously enjoying it. :)

You got kissed on your mission? Story please?