Friday, November 18, 2011

My New Portfolio

Well needless to say I didn't run the half-marathon. . . between getting sick twice in a month and then my mom going to the hospital for a week I couldn't exercise and finish my training. I'll still exercise but I'm past the desire to run 13 miles. The farthest I've got to was 8 miles and even those I was getting sick of. So while I'm not as desciplined at exercising hopefully you will be proud and happy to hear that I have been using my time painting instead.

I haven't worked in color since Snow College so these first two were meant to be a study to play and practice using color but I ended up making something I'm really happy with what was created. The red is an abstract of a calla lillie and the blue is abstract lille, both have circles representing the water drops on the flowers.

This next one was painted with my palette knife only. I was getting so into the texture of my palette knife that I forgot to use my brushes. I really liked this because clean up was a lot easier. The painting is the impressions of the leaves as they fall or blow in the wind. The texture adds a lot to the work and I really liked what I created. My parents have liked this work so much that they decided they want them. I begged them not to take them as I never get to keep my own work, usually I gift them. But to them because they created me by proxi they believe they own the rights to anything I create. I told them they couldn't afford how much I was going to charge for these but Dad said he'd put that under "gave you life." :)

My co-workers have enjoyed my work as well. This last work is a commission from a co-worker who is decorating her new house and wanted an origional artwork to put up there. Her favorite color is purple and she painted her walls grey so I'm hoping she likes this work and that it will fit nicely in her home. I've never painted for money before or even ever sold an of my art so I'm not quite sure what is a fair price. I know you are suppose to take the cost of the material and the hours of time that you used to create the work into consideration but I'm not sure still. I was thinking around $80-$100. Do you think that's reasonable? I'm also not sure if I fully love the work. The colors are great but the shapes seem a little cliche'. What do you guys think? Do you like it?


Jared and Ché said...

Yay Sami! So happy to see you painting! I really like the leaves one! Lots of good movement!
I like the purple one, I think I would suggest instead of adding the squares and circles, I would focus on building up the lines. Thiner and thicker, lots of variation. I like seeing that skinny strip of light purple towards the middle. I don't know, you can take or leave my suggestions. :)

Miss ya! Hope your mom is okay!

Lena said...

Those all look great Sami!! I am jealous of your creativity. I have never been good at the abstract stuff and always seem to start pushing it towards the reality instead. I really love the purple one. My favorite part is the little white sphere towards the middle. I don't think I'd change anything, unless after a few more days you are still questioning yourself. Nik always changes his work as long as its in the house. So maybe you just need to give it away :)

Unknown said...

I'm telling you Kiddo you so need to hang those in the Broadhead Museum aka my house. They are fantastic. I'm so proud of you. Keep painting!!!!